Exchange rates in the exchange offices of Sumy

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Exchangers in Sumy

Kurs Sumy
Yesterday at 14:00

Kurs Sumy

Buying Selling
USD 40.20 +0.013 40.50 +0.138
EUR 43.35 -0.006 43.70 -0.006
GBP 47.80 -0.038 49.10 -0.038
CHF 42.80 -0.013 43.70 -0.025
PLN 08.95 -0.006 09.25 -0.006
Obmenka Sumy
Yesterday at 17:00

Obmenka Sumy

Buying Selling
USD 40.20 40.60 +0.05
EUR 43.25 -0.025 43.65 -0.025
GBP 47.80 -0.05 49.10 -0.05
CHF 42.80 -0.025 43.70
PLN 08.95 -0.013 09.25 -0.012
Yesterday at 09:15


Buying Selling
USD 40.20 +0.05 40.50 +0.05
EUR 43.20 -0.05 43.70 -0.1
GBP 48.00 -0.35 49.30 -0.1
CHF 42.30 43.80
PLN 08.90 09.30
Buying Selling
USD 40.20 40.50
EUR 43.20 43.70
retail wholesale
30 July at 09:00


Buying Selling
USD 41.70 42.90
EUR 42.00 43.30
GBP 47.50 50.50
CHF 42.00 44.00
PLN 08.40 08.95

Exchange rate Sumy

We have gathered the best exchangers available in Sumy so that you can observe only real current exchange rates. Here you will find the real exchange rate on the black market, as well as the exchange rate in the banks of the city of Sumy.

Usually only the exchange rate in Sumy exchange offices shows the real situation in the foreign exchange market at times of increased turbulence in the foreign exchange market. This can happen for various reasons, but one of the main is the fact that banks can set very attractive exchange rates, but in fact they refuse to exchange a currency.

We also offer a schedule of the hryvnia exchange rate in Sumy, which will help you understand where the foreign exchange market is moving in Sumy. The graph will help to see the statistical trend and understand at what point you need to buy or sell currency.

How to find profitable exchangers in Sumy

For convenient and fast search of exchangers in Sumy use Kurstoday! Here you can quickly compare exchange rates in the Sumy exchange offices and choose the most advantageous one for yourself.

We also provide complete information about the addresses of exchangers in Sumy and telephone numbers to simplify the search for an exchanger as much as possible.

Here are the exchangers located in the most passable places of Sumy, for example, there are exchangers on the Cathedral Square in Sumy, which will allow, if necessary, to quickly exchange the desired currency.

Branch office on Kooperativna Street and no less famous Kozatsky Val Street, where the Sumy exchangers are located. These are just a few of the exchange rates that we provide in real time.