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Yesterday at 11:15


Buying Selling
USD 38.67 -0.012 38.77 -0.015
EUR 40.85 +0.013 41.15
Obmenka Odessa
Yesterday at 12:01

Obmenka Odessa

Buying Selling
USD 38.65 -0.013 38.80 -0.075
EUR 40.80 -0.025 41.20
GBP 43.10 47.00
CHF 35.00 40.00
PLN 08.00 09.00

Exchangers and banks in Odessa

Here we have collected all exchangers and banks in Odessa that exchange foreign currencies and present their exchange rates:

  • exchange rates in branches;
  • wholesale exchange rates;
  • card courses.

Here you can track the current exchange rates for today in Odessa. We cooperate with exchangers and banks online and immediately provide you with updated information.

How to quickly find the most profitable exchanger in Odessa? To save your time, we have added a unique and incredibly convenient "quick search for a profitable exchanger" feature. This function will instantly find a favorable exchange rate and offer you the result.

The search for a profitable exchanger in Odessa will take place between all banks and exchangers in Odessa that are presented on the Kurstoday website.

Where to look for exchangers in Odessa? For each exchanger in Odessa, we mark its contact details, address and phone numbers so that you can easily quickly find the most profitable exchanger in Odessa and immediately find out its address and contact information.

There are many exchangers and banks in Odessa, but they all differ in their stability, rating and reliability.

This page lists exchangers that have positive reviews and a high rating among residents of Odessa. The most reliable and popular exchangers in Odessa are:

  • "Money24" - st. Deribasovskaya, 5;
  • "Obmenka" - st. Richelievskaya, 42;
  • "Rate of Currency" - a network of exchangers throughout Odessa and Ukraine.

So, using the service for finding a favorable exchange rate in Odessa - "Kurstoday", you will always know where you can exchange dollars, euros or rubles in Odessa at a favorable rate!