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Exchangers in Mykolaiv

Niko Kurs
Today at 09:30

Niko Kurs

Buying Selling
USD 37.25 -0.05 37.60 -0.025
EUR 40.10 +0.05 41.10
PLN 08.10 09.30
Obmenka on Nikolskaya
Today at 17:30

Obmenka on Nikolskaya

Buying Selling
USD 37.25 -0.05 37.53 -0.025
EUR 40.00 41.10
GBP 46.00 49.00
CHF 41.00 44.00
PLN 08.70 09.20
Today at 16:45


Buying Selling
USD 37.25 -0.05 37.50 -0.05
EUR 40.10 -0.1 40.70 -0.4
GBP 43.00 46.50
PLN 08.40 09.00

Exchange rate in Nikolaev

Kurstoday Nikolaev is a service, the purpose of which is to create comfortable conditions so that you can track the exchange rate in Nikolaev in exchange offices and banks of the city. If you are looking for a simple and convenient service that will help you sell, buy and exchange currency, then we welcome you, because you have come to the right place.

At our site you will find the most popular exchangers that have a favorable exchange rate, and other necessary contact information, the main benefits, as well as have the opportunity to view the schedule of exchange rates.

We want to help you, namely to show popular exchangers of Nikolaev which would satisfy all your requirements.

Where to find exchangers in Nikolaev?

Addresses of exchangers, location, contact information, work schedule and current exchange rates in Nikolaev - all this is available for viewing on our resource.

Let us tell you what makes each exchange office so special and unique.

Exchange on Nikolskaya

Among the characteristic features of the exchanger Exchange on Nikolskaya can be distinguished the following: a flexible loyalty program for regular customers, the ability to order online, the security of the exchange (accompanying the customer to his vehicle). Also the exchanger offers a favorable rate of dollar in Nikolaev, euro, zloty and other currencies, it is equipped with a special private room for convenient recalculation of cash. Exchanger Exchange on Nikolskaya in Nikolaev is on the street. Nikolskaya, 52, on one of the central streets of the city, which makes it even more popular.

Exchange24 (KIT Group)

Exchanger Exchange24 (KIT group) - provides many services, namely: favorable exchange rates, reception of old and damaged banknotes. The exchange in Nikolaev is at the following addresses: st. Decembrists, 23A; Central Avenue 171-d; Peace Avenue, 56B. KIT Group will provide you with complete confidentiality, and if necessary, the company's specialists will provide advice. Offers one of the most favorable exchange rates of the euro in Nikolaev, the dollar, and other currencies. The company's website has exchange rate charts and the ability to calculate the amount of money using an online calculator.

Kursvalut exchanger (№10, №5, №2)

The Kursvalut exchanger offers fast and profitable currency exchange in Mykolayiv. Kursvalut exchangers are located at:

  • Mykolaiv, 15 Korabeliv Ave. (Branch № 5);
  • Mykolayiv, street Builders, 5-B (Branch Від 10);
  • Mykolayiv, street Astronauts 80-a (Branch № 2).

Kursvalut in Nikolaev operates a wide range of foreign currencies which exchange can be carried out on the online application. Also this exchanger will offer a favorable rate of zloty in Nikolaev, dollar, euro and other currencies.

From now on, if you want to see the exchange rate and profitably exchange currency, you no longer need to download dozens of sites in search of the necessary information. We have taken care of optimizing your time, so everything you are looking for is available to you on Kurstoday.