Exchange rates in the Manevychi

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Exchangers of Manevychi

Today at 17:45


Buying Selling
USD 37.30 -0.054 37.45 -0.05
EUR 40.32 -0.123 40.60 -0.1
GBP 45.00 47.50
CHF 40.50 43.50
PLN 08.87 -0.03 08.96 -0.03
West Finance
Today at 16:00
Port City

West Finance

Buying Selling
USD 37.20 -0.05 37.50 +0.025
EUR 40.20 -0.175 40.55 -0.033
PLN 08.85 -0.029 09.00 +0.021

Exchange rates in the exchange offices Manevich

We have collected all Manevychi exchange offices on one page, so you can follow the exchange rates in Manevychi in real time today.

The schedule of the Hryvnia exchange rate against other currencies will help to intuitively understand the dynamics and direction of changes in exchange rates in Manevychi.

Exchange rate of dollar, euro and zloty in real time! Exchange rates on the black market of Manevychi and telephone numbers of exchangers in Manevychi.

"West Finance" and "Balance" exchangers in Manevychi!